Featured Speaker: Mayela Rosales, Media Vista on September 10th, 2014

Immokalee Interagency Council presents:

The Secrets to reaching the Thriving Hispanic Market

“Efficient provision of services to under-served populations requires the same skills and planning as an strategic marketing plan.”

Please join our speaker, Mayela Rosales, Vice-President of Media Vista (Univision SWFL / D’Latinos): one of the most influential women in Southwest Florida, latina leader journalist, and executive. Active in many civic and charitable organizations in Southwets Florida as part of the board of directors, including the Conservancy of SWFL &  Fifth Third Bank. Founder of Council of Hispanic Business Professionals.

IIAC Chair, Araceli Gomez writes:

The disparities between Collier County and the community of Immokalee are dramatic.  As a group of healthcare and human services providers we strive to alleviate disparities every day working diligently in the delivery of our services.  When dealing with community outreach and or dissemination of services to underserved and diverse populations, cultural competence is a must.

As every month we will have the opportunity to hear brief announcements from participating agencies before this presentation.

Disclaimer: Univision SWFL TV Production may be present during this meeting

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