Florida DOT at Immokalee Interagency about Bicycle & Pedstrian Safety

Florida Department of Transportation today at Immokalee Interagency Agency with the Statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Initiative

Members of IIAC

Walkable communities such as our beloved Immokalee, are meant to be thriving, livable, and sustainable giving their residents safe transportation choices and improved quality of life. Recognizing the need to improve safety for our young children, families, olders pedestrians and immigrants, the Florida Department of Transportation has implemented the Bicycle Pedestrian Safety Initiative. Safety does not happen by accident, it takes a community to be involved, alert today alive tomorrow.

Thank you to  our speakers,

  • Carmen T. Monroy, Director of the Florida Deapartment of Transportation’s Fort Myers Urban OfficeSouthwest and
  • Matthew Weaver, District Bicycle Pedestrian Coordinator for this month’s topic: The Bicycle Pedestrian Safety Initiative.

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