July 13: Schoolboard Candidate Forum – Start at 11:30am

Wednesday, July 13 Meeting from 11:30am-1:15 pm.
(Times changes to allocate lunch and Q&A).
At the Career Source Center – 750 South 5th St. Immokalee, FL 34142.
An invitation has been extended to all the candidates for the Collier County School Board 2016 Elections to join us in our Civic Engagement Month at the Immokalee InterAgency Council. The forum will take place as a panel with questions and answers from our audience.
The School District of Collier County

  • serves nearly 45,000 students.
  • Over 50% live in non-English speaking homes.
  • Collectively, these students speak 80 different languages and come from 114 different countries of origin.
  • 64% of all students are minorities

Please join me to welcome our school board candidates to Immokalee.

Visit the Collier County Supervisor of Elections for additional information about our candidates.

Reminder: All Collier County voters can vote in both the District 2 and the District 4 School board races regardless of your party affiliation or where you live.

We thank you, Mr. Serafin Peña, from La Marketa for facilitating the lunch’s sponsorship. Light Lunch will be provided by La Marketa.

Candidates Information online

  • Stephanie Lucarelli,Candidate District 2, website
  • Louise Penta,Candidate District 2, website
  • Erik Carter, Candidate District 4, website
  • Lee Dixon,Candidate District 4 , website

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