Tips to reach the Hispanic market in SWFL by Mayela Rosales

If you missed the Immokalee Inter-Agency Council meeting of September 10th it is your loss. Mayela Rosales, Vice President of Media Vista (Univision SWFL/D’Latinos) spoke to a packed house on “The Secrets to Reach the Thriving Hispanic Market”. Media Vista is the dominate Hispanic media company in SW Florida. Their mission is to connect the Hispanic community to social services and resources through media from D’Latinos Magazine to D’Latinos a Dia television to D’ portal and, most recently, they have bought Univision to SW Florida.

Ms Rosales’ presentation included the demographics on growth of the Hispanic population of the United States and of SW Florida, a breakdown of the Hispanic population in SW Florida, and tips on how to get the attention of the people through marketing.

Demographic highlights

The 2015 estimate for the US buying power of Hispanic households is 11% or $1.5 billion. By 2050 Hispanic households will make up between 28 and 33% of the US population. Between 2000 and 2013 the Hispanic population in Collier County has grown by 68% to 26% of the County’s total population. Hispanics account for 45% of the students attending the Collier County Schools and 42% in Lee County Schools. Finally, that SW Florida is #35 in Demographic Market Area (DMA) with approximately 71,900 Hispanic households; that is in the top 50 across the U.S.!

The Hispanic market in SW Florida differs by acculturation level, language preferences and countries of origin. The population is 63% of Mexican origin with the remaining 37% originating from 20 different countries in South and Central America and the Caribbean. They are diverse groups from different cultures, and acculturated into the US at different levels. The one thing they have in common is language – Spanish. And Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, right behind Mandarin Chinese.

Top 2 tips on reaching the thriving Hispanic market

Spanish translation in advertising and find the right message. She noted that 70% of first generation Hispanics say they are more likely to remember a product when the effort to translate advertising into Spanish is made. Also noted was Transcreation which is a market strategy based on demographics, acculturation and market size. So what are we looking at as far as life style is concerned? Telenovelas during prime time hours attracts close to 50% of the US Hispanic population. Hispanics listen to Spanish radio, read Spanish magazines, prefer face-to-face or hand delivered messages. They are also very visual, so logo branding is important as is creating excitement through color and language. And don’t leave out social media, Facebook and Twitter, for as of January 2012 33.5 million Hispanics are on line; that’s 15% of the total US online market!

Like I said: If you missed it it is your loss. Donna Hardy Johnston, The Family Literacy Academy of Immokalee

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